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Exhale pride and specialty.

When Hania Bissat opened Exhale in Saifi in [indicate year], she brought 10 years of indoor cycling expertise with her. The predecessor to Exhale was a workout studio in Bliss Street that was the only authorized Spinning facility in Lebanon. Spinning was the first indoor cycling brand to emerge in 1994 when Goldberg and Baudhuin founded Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. as a start-up company dedicated to developing the indoor cycling fitness concept. Today, it is a very big trend worldwide.


“Empower yourself, earn your body and transform your mind one ride at a time.”

Exhale remains the only authorized facility in Lebanon by the Spinning brand, and Bissat chose to keep the gym focused on this flagship product because she believes that when you specialize in one thing, you do it to perfection. And indeed, the whole experience around Spinning is constructed to perfection here.


The cycling studio, which fits about 35 people, is very specialized. Be it the lighting, the sound, or having all the controls one needs next to one’s bike. The bikes themselves are top of the line; they measure one’s cadence (speed), resistance and power. This is all important information in an age where people are interested in metrics- measuring the efficiency of their physical activity. You can cycle all day long with a little resistance and it won’t do much.


The nine Spinning instructors are all certified and trained in the same manner and same discipline. A master trainer came from the UK and gave workshops, certifying those who weren’t certified already, and giving those who were another layer of expertise. Bissat wanted to make sure that everyone in that space, be it the instructors or the participants, are speaking the same language and dealing with the same things, and that’s essential to creating a community.


“The people who come here expect everything to be on time, well done, professional, informal, and happy”

Actually, “community” is a very suitable term for the members who frequent the studio. They’re people who want to keep improving and moving forward. They book their bikes in a session online ahead of time to respect the others’ time. They follow the “ride etiquette” and are kind to each other. There’s also something intrinsically communal when 35 people ride and sweat together, it’s like an explosion of energy and endorphins.

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