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In 2012, Tarek was walking down one of New York City’s busy streets (as they all tend to be) when he happened to land upon a DIY shop. He was always interested in the tech world, and at this point even had a tech design company built, so the concept of a DIY (Do It Yourself) space intrigued his curious personality. This was a concept that had not yet gotten traction back in Lebanon, and he decided that it was time to change that. He opened workshops and tried to match this sort of technological concept while maintaining the vintage vibe that every geek, like himself, yearned for. He gathered vintage items, including an old arcade pinball machine, a selection of books, and set up workshops creating a space that nurtures creativity; a space for geeks by geeks.


" A space that nurtures creativity; a space for geeks by geeks."

As the space flourished, Tarek's passion for art - initially triggered by a fascination of comic hero art and bleed art- followed closely behind. In no time, he had acquired a collection of his own and started displaying it in his space.


One day, a dear friend of his, Manal Hakim, offered an outsider's perspective on what the space had become. She saw Geek Express as a platform that fuses the progressive and creative leaps in today's technologically driven world with the beauty and boldness of art. Manal and Tarek partnered up to narrow the gap, ultimately merging the two worlds together.


Over the past year, they began expanding their art collection which now includes urban art, bleed art, pop art and product design by established and rising international and local artists and designers . Geek Express has become an art gallery, a shop, a workshop, and a creative platform for art collectors, tech lovers, children, and geeks -obviously- who are always at the forefront of their minds


" Their art collection now includes urban art, bleed art, pop art and product design."

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