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Randa Tabbah.

Randa Tabbah comes from a long lineage of at least 3 generations of jewelry makers, but she herself admits that she didn’t care much for the artistry as a youngster. It was only as an adult, after she’d finished her studies in Fine Arts and even gotten married, that she fell in love with her family’s “business” and decided to study Jewelry Design and making in France.


" Randa keeps exploring new directions and finds inspiration everywhere. "

The creations in her Saifi store embody her passion for hands-on craftsmanship and commitment to her work; she is involved in every step of the process from drawings and wax molds to bench work. There’s eclectic artistry and an insistence on high quality materials that shines throughout. Through the use of free shape semi-precious stones, pearls, and diamonds set in 18-carat gold, she injects her own personal touch into each of her one-of-a kind creations. Her clever use of lines, space, and layers allows her to create beautifully crafted jewelry that is intimate, elegant, and uniquely expressive.


Her first collection, “New York” is inspired by its namesake. Pure lines, smooth finish, brushed gold, and princess cut diamonds are showcased in this more architecturally inspired collection. Whereas Randa’s second collection is deeply rooted in nature, blending rough metals, unpolished gold textured, lending a beautiful, earthy and untreated touch to the final creation. The semi-precious stone collection showcases her exceptional ability to take an age old concept and inject new life into it. The beautiful mix of high quality, handpicked, special cut gems, so intricate they are almost tiny sculptures, allow for a trendy and fresh take on the classical.


“Pile-Up”, “Serpentine” and “Paraline” are testament to her breadth of style. Spatial in structure and three-dimensional in form, they use diamonds and thin layers of gold superimposed on each other to create drama and movement in the pieces. Smooth and curved lines complement, as well, the natural contours of the woman’s hand, arm, and neck, allowing the carefully molded gold to melt into her skin. And finally, her latest collection “Geometry” modernizes and brings a new take on Islamic art and forms.


" She is involved in every step of the process from drawings and wax molds to bench work."

Randa keeps exploring new directions and finds inspiration everywhere: in her trips and travels, by freely working with and cutting paper, by playing with wax, or in nature. An idea leads to another, and often the process is not linear. This is how she’s been taught: not to copy, but to keep looking and experimenting.

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